Jauh darimu

Deactivating my FB account, makes me such an active blogger, my life no longer clings on to that cyberspace, that I now have quality time to reflect on my daily life, and blog about it. Which pretty much contradicts to why I deactivated it in the first place, to help me concentrate on my revision? I now Twitter more, and spend my time answering questions on Yahoo! or posting up my own. Like, do birds intentionally poop on their eggs? Or do they move a bit so they don’t poop on them? Ever thought of that? Well that’s the kind of crap my mind lingers on everyday (:

I can’t revise now, due to the fact that these walls aren’t soundproof that I could hear them next door, so clearly singing and having such a great time. I could actually imagine them singing at the back, with the guitars. And hey its 2 in the morning. I managed to cover monopolistic competition and, the European Union today.

The EU was created by the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957 with the aim to be a full common market, but there were still all sorts of non-tariff barriers between member countries, such as high taxes on wine by non-wine-producing countries, special regulations designed to favour domestic producers and so on, so they were not a true common market. Single European Act of 1986 sought to remove these barriers, and to form a genuine common market by the end of 1992 (:

Okay, what I actually meant to post was something else, but I killed the mood again. Don’t know why I always end up talking about something else, or simply by mentioning something uninteresting enough to kill it. Oh I don’t quite fancy the smell of that new detergent tabs I bought a couple of days ago, won’t pick that one next time.

And hey I’ll be going to Rome in June for a few days ♥

I am so excited, and I feel great already. Have you ever experienced this feeling, when you feel so sincere, so wonderful, so full of love, and so much love to give and to share, that you just want to embrace somebody with it, and it burns. And then I realised something so overwhelming; that I am ready to fall in love again and that I am moving on – it doesn’t feel that strange any more to say that now (:

I cannot describe what I’ve been feeling, but it’s a wonderful feeling. I am back. The parks are green and colourful. But whatever it is exactly – I’m letting life flow again (:

Maybe the difference between where I was sometime ago, and now. Makes the change so distinct, that when I set foot in the light, it suddenly becomes so bright. So magical. I’ve gone through shit, that I cannot lie. But where I am standing now, compared to the mess I was in. I feel so blessed, and I feel so happy and so free again. Alhamdulillah..

Well, that was better and quite brief compared to the almost gibberish one I typed (and did not post) recently, but that’s pretty much it (:


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