Someday somehow

I probably have 20 posts on draft over the past few days. My mind would start to linger onto something else, my thoughts wander. It’s pretty difficult to get one story to end, because something would kill my mood to put my thoughts onto these fingertips.

I have been feeding on those custard biscuits, for a week or so. I had the last of my peanut butter ones today. Also I had my first real food in such a long time. I know fish fingers aren’t real, but it was the closest to real I can get, rather than biscuits? Press some buttons, and let them rotate on that dish, and there goes the beep. Ready to eat. Could and would have eaten those any other day, we’ve got food in the kitchen. But we’ve got all sorts of filth and hardened food sticking on those unwashed plates too. And flies too. I can’t deal with that now, we’ve ran out of clean dishes, we’ve ran out of cleaning liquid. So really, with exams going on, nobody’s in the mood to buy anything, to cook anything and to clean anything. Everyone has to be selfish, and I am too. I’m running out of biscuits. And I have no fish fingers left to microwave.

I would move on to cereals now, but I would definitely try not to involve the kitchen. I have got to stock up on food in my room. Assalamualaikum (:

Something almost happened today, but I guess some prayers were answered, that the best was for me. I knew it was the best for me. Some people may have forgotten who to turn to when they’ve nobody left to turn to. But I feel so blessed, remembering that He is always there for you, for every second of your life.¬†Alhamdulillah for this protection and guidance. And for this life (:


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