I finally get to settle down. On my own, in the comfort of my room – so quiet and peaceful. Today has been so chaotic, the city life of Newcastle and damn I am so exhausted. Really don’t know what to say, my mind simply wants to shut down. What’s great about today was, the quality time spent with the people who’ve been around me for the past many months, making homesickness almost non-existent. I can’t believe 9 months have passed, that fast?

Today was cold. And why was I out shopping spending money as if my father owns the cash machine? I don’t know. So disappointing – I have to constantly remind myself that I will be going to Rome in a week time. I’ve stripped my pillows and duvet, and shoved them sheets and covers into the machine, and they are now stark naked. My room is a mess, but that’s alright.

Impatience. I can barely wait for my results to come out. Every now and then I check my university email, hoping somebody would tell me its all ready and out. Everyday, people are starting to leave. This place is starting to get so quiet. I really don’t know what to say…

Please stay? (:


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