I’ll never be yours

Assalamualaikum. Hey babe,

I haven’t been sleeping in my own room. Anyway, is my life really flowing in the right direction? It’s not even funny for me to laugh at how crazy this life’s been. I know I probably have said the same things over and over again, in different words. But this phase of life, at this age? I just thought it’s worth every effort to make the wrongs right. I’m old enough to see that the fun parts are about to turn filthy. People say your name, and what you do symbolises you. And when you are known for shit, people will relate you to shit. It’s different when you are still a child, or a teenager – everyone knows that it’s just a phase the youth go through, whatever shit you do will not linger onto your name forever. But hey, look at me and look at you, aren’t we too old for shits? (:

I have my every right to hate a person,  but I guess I am too classy to care. One day I thought my life’s just shit-free and the next is beyond my knowledge to predict. And not even I would know how my day will end, frustrated or ecstatic, no one knows. And at this point, pointing fingers will not mean anything. I am just saying lah, my life may be going through spikes and is prone to unexpected turns, but I am happy, really ♥

Alhamdulillah — & coffee would be nice right now, mm (: (:


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