Red and White

Alhamdulillah I reached home safely, from the wild and blazing city, filled with England supporters and red and white England flags everywhere, in many forms. A lot of reds and whites. The plan was to go to a pub and watch the match between England and USA (1-1) but then the taxi driver said people will be watching it live down at the Centre for Life and at Saint James Park – so we all went to Centre for Life – and I had no jacket on, because the plan was pergi ke pub. And damn tonight was cold, but Alhamdulillah it didn’t rain. It was great, the vibe and the energy from the crowd, so contagious. The cheers, the boos and the noise (:

It’s not always pretty. I cannot deny how dangerous it could be, and how rough situations can turn to, the hooligans and violence – there were people throwing glass bottles and cups filled with beer from one side of the crowd to the other – and then there it was, fights, police and security guards. And what you do is, divorce yourself from those crowds and stay out of trouble, and be on the more civilised area. My father told me once, sometime before I left home, he said to avoid or, at least, be careful when watching football matches outdoors. And damn, true that. There’re different types of people out there, although I didn’t get any racist remarks tonight, but if you’re Asian you’ll have to be mentally ready – because there are people who are probably unexposed to the outside world, and are ill-bred and perhaps shallow? And they are always more than happy to spit profane words in your way, and possibly physically assault you. Tapi Alhamdulillah lah, aku inda pernah experience yang teruk cematu (:

Well here I am, still in my red England shirt enjoying my time alone before ke sebelah to watch a movie with the remaining guys left, today 5 of us balik – manis, manis. Assalamualaikum


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