Nothing really


I think I’ve just messed up my sleeping pattern; which was perfectly fine-tuned in Rome recently, sleeping a couple of hours before midnight and waking up well around 7 or 8 in the morning. I was pretty amazed for a while at that. And it’s now 5 in the morning, so bright outside.

Ah this was taken in Rome on my last day there, oh such an amazing, astonishing place to be (:

Did some crazy shopping yesterday. Oh my dear Almighty Lord okay maybe that was somewhat necessary, but I was already almost broke, okay? And after what happened yesterday, now I prefer not to know how much money I have left. But hey I am not complaining, because Rome’s worth the money. I travelled a lot this month, and I will be off again soon. Ah crap! My clothes, my dirty laundry, my room – need to be cleaned and sorted out. Probably packed too, so I could easily move to the new house.

Okay take a breather, and first of all I need to sleep off these eyes and this mind, and then get to work (:

I am not a huge fan of chocolates, but ooh, these chocolates are too delicious ♥


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