It feels so good to dance again, although choreographed by random people on youtube, but I feel so alive. I have not been choreographed for ages, and just now felt like a great big hug from a long lost friend (: (:

That was tadi. Okay anyway, this bitch really killed my day. Like, who the fuck do you think you are to tell me to help your boyfriend clean our house? I don’t even know you, we don’t even talk that much. And fake politeness each time we meet does not mean we have some kind of friendship established between us. For god’s sake bitch you are 17 and who the fuck are you to even talk to me like that? Congratulations I like you even lesser now. Bitch, you better not cross my line, or I won’t let you walk through that door no more.

So maybe, now I know a little bit of how Mansur felt like when this bitch whom he has never talked to suddenly talked to him and started offering him advice about his relationship, what he shouldn’t be doing and whatnot. OHMYGOD BITCH, WHAT THE HELL?! And just because I am a friend of your boyfriend’s, doesn’t mean I am your friend.

Excuse me?


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