Hello joy

Oh my.

I was pissed off wasn’t I there? But who, with self-respect, wouldn’t? If you value yourself, and have a little bit of ego and self esteem, you’d definitely find it offensive and rude. Sorry for the profanities in my previous post, it could’ve been worse if it was 3 years ago, haha! (:

So I’m going out again tomorrow, would love to bring my camera, but I’ll probably have to borrow my friend’s memory card if I want to take some shots while at the city – well I could just buy one, but hey right now? Don’t think I can even afford it. Haha! Mm okay I’ll go text my friend esok, and I better have my breakfast before going out. Why? Because I cannot afford to eat out. Such a simple theory (:

Okay, no wonder I’ve been emotionally sensitive, highs and lows, and 2 to 3 pimples appearing on my face, and been eating a lot – time of the month. No wonder I got a little chubby in Rome when I thought I got all those fats on my face because Jian’s been feeding me with packets of noodles. I better sleep now before the sun comes up ♥



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