So tight, break loose

I’ve crappily vacuumed my carpet, and I barely even covered half of the room. The place is just scattered with plastic bags, my travelling bags, my hand bags, my laundry bag, my toiletry bag and my Primark trash paper bag full of garbage. So basically there are bags on my floor, and I am not feeling too excited to process everything. God, my stomach feels so heavy and tight, and I am so uncomfortable – yeah, period, technically.

But hey today was great, to go out in the sun and feel the cool breeze, to talk with the girls. Oh this shirt, was really lawa. I loved it, and I want it. But I didn’t buy it lah, of course I’d die. I need to survive these remaining days of this month. It looks really simple, long and decent. I am so going to get it nanti, mm ♥

Although I know how ridiculous my shopping could be, with the piles of clothes I own, and some I have not worn. But this time, its different, the shirt was lawa, and simply decent, and covered. I need that – something nice (:

My heater’s on, my window’s pushed out. I am currently drying my clothes and I still have a pile of dirty clothes to toss into the washing machine. Maybe I’ll start hanging all those jackets behind my door dalam almari. And pack a bit, pull down those photos off my wall, and cork boards too. Well for sure I am definitely not moving my stuff down to my new house any time this month, almost impossible.

I think I better wash my face now, brush my teeth and ready myself for sleep.

Assalamualaikum (:


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