Hands off, hands down

Sometimes to tell a complete story, with detailed reality is complex. Some stories are fragile, need to be secured, shut and sealed. Those are secrets only told to some certain people, and sometimes to oneself. But most of the time, the feelings and emotions, needs to be expressed. And so there I was, with my stories, vague with their own reasons. So special, so close to me (:

Once upon a time I was falling apart, but then I managed to gather myself up. I am more solid now, more than ever. Alhamdulillah. God has His own reasons for every written story. Hello world (:

Anyway, I honestly do not know what to expect and how it is going to be next year when everybody comes back here. Because it isn’t easy to swallow certain things and make memories vanish, and to simply start over new. And I definitely don’t want all those memories, not even any of them to disappear, because they were great. It takes a while to fix certain things.

This summer break is good, getting away from each other – it will take some getting used to. Of course at first, you find it strange, when a certain someone whom you’ve spent most of your time with (well practically MOST of my time here) is not here at all, the company, the laughs and the this and that. But it’s great, just the strangeness, was weird. That was when I first got back from Rome and to find both houses quiet. It was strange for a day or two – and then I’m back, and perhaps happier and freer. Well the reason to why things never worked out was probably because we were never away from one another, ya think? And then HOLLA NEW! Lets fly ♥


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