I feel beautiful, hello.

These gibberish thoughts in my head, these unexpressed feelings so indescribable, so difficult for me to decipher, its either I keep this to myself or I continue to jumble up my words in a complex manner in my futile attempt to let out.

It feels like my feelings are magically crushed into pieces, and then blended together into something so beautiful, wonderful, and ambiguous. So mysterious that I don’t even know what to do, but immerse myself in this miserable delight. Like a circus in my head ♥

you and you, are missed by me, come and brighten up my days ♥

Oh, sometimes I wonder who reads my blog, because I get views and stats everyday, but I don’t get to see where these viewers are from. Mmm, well it doesn’t matter though. This mind simply wonders (:

Anyway I’ve been feeling beautiful, and peaceful? Assalamualaikum babe ♥


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