Remember to keep

Oh dear lord. I have never been this irritated for a very long time, with people being too excited and then they forgot the only one thing that they’re supposed to do. Keep it low. Keep it quite. Keep it to yourselves. Simple? Sigh, thank you, and I love you too.

I really am so disappointed, eh am I disappointed? I don’t even know how I feel. All I know now is that I am in conflict, of which suitable word to use to describe this feeling, annoyed or agitated. Whichever it is, I know I am somewhere in between.

Lets just bury and immerse myself in one of my happy news. My 1st class first year result, which I could barely stop saying Alhamdulillah and praising God for His blessings (:

Okay, never mind. I am still not over with those words free-flowing from people’s mouths and fingers, ruining my happy mood. Reminding myself of my result does not seem to cheer me up right now. Maybe later, ciao (:


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