And I challenge myself?

I miss my black wavy hair. So about hairstyles? There were a number of times when I came across this idea of what I thought and might do to my hair? This is Alice Dellal the pioneer of the half-shaved head.

It may look good on some people, like Cassie in 2009 or Rihanna – but then again, when I get bored I am not quite sure if I can put up with the many months I have to endure through the process of growing back that portion of shaved head…? I’ll leave it there until my hair reaches my elbow, and I’ll have plenty of time to weigh things up before the tips of my mane get there.

Certain people may oppose, really but why? Hair will grow back, although it may take a while, but its not forever. And a haircut or a hairdo does not change people – sometimes its worth a try, because you’ll never know how you’ll look like, or how it’ll make you feel. At the end of the day, its your life (:

I was just wondering ♥


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