Your fingers in my hair..

Hello universe (:

Why is my Google in Malay? Why am I calmer every day than its yesterday? Why do people complain so much? Why am I very easily amused?

In life you meet people, and in my 20 years journey I have met a lot, but there are only a few who have made significant impacts in my life, so meaningful and momentous that the memories cling onto me, perhaps for the rest of my life. Sometimes at the touch, sight, sound or taste of certain things, certain memories pop up uninvited and would create an emotional ambience and then take me to the back of my head to the memory chest where all the memories are kept like treasures, and then my mind would start to swim through strings of pictures and stories.

These memories. They make me smile, they make me realise, they make me laugh, they make me grow, and they make me a better person. And sometimes they remind me of people, and crap too, sometimes for reasons I myself cannot make out any sensible explanation to WHY it has to come up to remind me of some crap that does not even entertain me to any extent at all. Alright, an anti-climax right there, sorry I killed it. Haha! However, amusing. Anyway, how can I make my Google page be in English at all times, without having me to constantly change it?

Alhamdulillah for everyday I wake up to find myself alive.

Don’t ever think you’ve ran out of chances, because for everyday you wake up, every second of your life God is giving you a chance to live, to correct the wrong, to redeem, to love and to live. Always be grateful, appreciate. Oh hey I am talking to myself (:

And I get emotional when I see people falling in love in books or in movies. Okay, that does not necessarily mean I weep and cry. Just emotional. And I don’t get to see people falling in love in real life, because I don’t stalk people, thank you? Haha! Or maybe in reality, it’s rarely obvious and perhaps invisible to the naked eye. Love is so beautiful (:

Assalamualaikum ♥


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