Peace for a title? Ok!

I was unable to say anything. I have forgotten what I would say or how I’d react if it was a year ago, would I say something to that? Well for sure now, you’ll not see me ablaze.

I don’t know if it is the time of the month when I would expect your emotional ups and downs, or did you really mean what you said? I hope not. Otherwise I’d be wondering where you’ve been, this world has been decaying, depraved and shameless. Open up your eyes to the wider society today. And maybe you’ll see how blessed you are, and perhaps you’d be more grateful. Alhamdulillah would be cool (:

Took this shot when I was in Rome last month, see the peace flag? (:

Coffee, other instant hot drinks, notes,  lens hood, love and change. What else should I take with me? And why am I in my room? Bah later. I’ll post a word or two pasal Rome nanti along with a couple of pictures, insyAllah ♥



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