Mumble Jumble

What is it with my digestive system? Or is my metabolism rate higher in hot countries, and lower in the northern parts of the world? I eat and followed by shit, every time. I love masquerades, perhaps one day (:

Maybe some people (who’ve not watched it) think Gossip Girl is just like any other overrated typical girlish series, and I thought it was until Mun transferred a folder with a huge chunk of Gossip Girl in it. It was amazingly provocative, and I love it. The storyline is just so tangled up, and messy. I’m not done watching it, though I’ve just finished watching the 1st season last night.

I’ve been having nightmares, and of course I do not like them at all. It’s so weird I’ve never ever had nightmares before, until after 20 years of living. I’ve had bad dreams, but they were never creepy or frightening, just simply bad. Now, horrible, strange and absolutely freaky dreams? Twice in a week, oh how creative. I have not been watching horror movies, because I simply don’t watch them, because I am not fond of scaring myself, with an exception of a good company with scream-proof ears. I have been reading a book and watching Gossip Girl on my laptop before I go to sleep? How is that nightmarish mm? (:

I have not been watching any of the World Cup matches since I got here. I am supposed to go out today, to report myself, but I just don’t feel like going out. Oh right! I have not met my Newcastle homebros yet, and I have not been actively responding to their messages too. I really do miss them, a lot. And our laughters and crap talks and all. I am sorry. There is a reason to why it is the way it is at the moment, which I cannot seem to express in words? Oh how typical is that, haha! It is best for me that I leave for a while, and then come back with a genuine smile (:

Assalamualaikum! Love love.


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