Would you respond?

Middle aged Bruneian men in cafes lounging late at night, usually in football jerseys or shabby shirts with cigarettes burning between their fingers, eyeing every car that passes by hoping its content would be some young women, so they could make eye contact and flirt. I wonder if that ever worked. It definitely won’t work on me, but would anyone actually beam and respond to that? I believe so, despite how sickening it is, some women, probably deprived of attention and exposure, would.

I used to work where most of my friends (in their late twenties or thirties) would go wild over men like this, and they become ubberly excited over the attention they get. I am not judging, but merely discussing and bringing forward my views, so no offense. And also, to the extent of giving away their numbers to a complete stranger with an unattractive demeanour? Minus the fact that these ladies are married, with children. Well, probably they find it fun, though I am not sure exactly. Because I am too appalled to find any pleasure in this nauseating game, and perhaps a little anxious. Astaghfirullah..

I wonder, with their tacky and indecent behaviour, do they have respect for themselves? Because from the looks of it, they are not respecting their spouses. Scary huh? Assalamualaikum (:


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