Polarized vision

Assalamualaikum, love (:

I need to scan some documents, and our scanner is not working really well. Bapa said it works though, but it will just frustrate me. And I am not willing to risk my mood over a scanner. Haha! So never mind. I was just recently reminded about that ASF2 form which I have to fill in and submit before August ends.

Often people confuse my random thoughts with my actual feelings. I tend to say things that pop up in my mind, which are sometimes absolutely at random, and definitely has got nothing to do with my currently jolly life. Specifically, with my Facebook or Twitter updates. Explaining often proves to be difficult. Anyway I can’t wait to shop for head scarves please! (:

Maybe setting your blog on private, would contradict with the classic purpose of having a blog in the first place? Although true, but maybe not. That’s what I thought at first, but then it quickly came to me, since when do I care? But anyway, its not like my father or any of my aunts and little cousins have been reading my blog, well not this one, at least.

Speaking of now and then. My father liked reading my old blog, he praised me for my writing. Although I had to remove some indecent and raw contents “because your mother won’t be too happy about them, and little cousins might read them, they look up to you,” he said, my cousin apparently showed her mother my blog. How awkward is that? And it was very strange and difficult to leave out certain things, and to filter my true thoughts and wonders. Not being able to express my thoughts almost-freely was just not me.

Somehow I am happy to have left the previous one. I have grown to be a more decent and a less crazy Bruneian girl. A more grateful one. My old blog was my old life and stories (:

I am thinking of getting a Polaroid camera. And searching for netball courts in Brunei online, is very frustrating. Assalamualaikum ♥


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