Tangled bliss

Ever since I have thought about it, I have never felt straighter in my life. Such a funny relief. Anyway, we are finally going to touch some ball this weekend, not quite sure if we will be playing tomorrow, since not many can make it. But at least Sunday is happening. I am very excited. Though I have a feeling netball tomorrow would be cancelled. But that’s okay. I am filled with fire for some game, so I guess I’m ready for some sweat, whenever it is (:

There are men in this world, who are willing to wait for you. For many months and years, with so much patience and compassion. Despite how many times you’ve walked off with another man and pretended he had not told you his feelings for you. He backs off while he watches you laugh with another man, and he holds you when you have no one to laugh with. And here he is, he stands by you, every now and then he asks, how do you do? How have you been? Simple questions make you smile, a brief gesture makes your eyes twinkle. And only now these questions make you see? How long did it take for me to see? Or maybe I knew. And what happens, when there are two of them? Sigh. Some problems are not really problems, aren’t they? Well for some people, it becomes complicated, when both of them caught your mind (:

Thank you for not letting go. Mm okay I should probably go. Assalamualaikum it’s late! Oh, too much sleep could actually hurt your head, had it today and it was horrible. Alright, goodbye with love (:


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