One sort of Amazing Sunday

Remember Abby from my previous, mad life? As strange as it may sound I spent my whole morning with Abby and then had breakfast and lunch with him, and one insane Amazing Race at mid-noon. Did I not loathe him a year ago? Maybe I have forgotten his existence for a while, and then he emerged slowly making his way through to befriend my whole BNS clan. But all is good now, from the looks of it both of us have grown up and let it all behind (:

So for all I know Daus, Hifney, Abby and I had our downs together yesterday. Having had to walk around BSB under the hot Sunday noon sun, looking for a certain shuttle bus? Funny, the shuttle bus in the morning dropped us at a certain spot, but failed to inform us where to wait when we’re done. And I thought somebody would be smart enough to put up a sign bearing “Shuttle Bus to Jame” or something, but I guess nobody was bright enough to do that simple task, moreover to simply utter where to wait. I was in my heels throughout, although it ached, but it didn’t really matter, a bunch of good company was enough to drive all unhappiness away, so all I craved for was a cool shower.

Its a damn long story how we finally got back. Lets skip that. Once we got in Daus’s car, we headed off to grab ourselves some drinks, and then lepak some more at Daus’s house while I wait for Bapa to pick me up. I’m not sure pukul berapa I got home, but then I showered, and then left for Jannah’s place, and lepak there some more. Got home dalam pukul 8 and then I instinctively collapsed on my bed, and damn, that was a good night sleep. Alhamdulillah (:

To sum up, yesterday was definitely one, amazing day. Assalamualaikum ♥


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