Hakuna Matata

I have a feeling that I will go downstairs to grab a bucket of cold, fresh papayas from the fridge at midnight. My scholarship may be upgraded, or my allowances may be raised next year due to my achievement. Alhamdulillah for all these nice things (:

Possum has been meowing since I caged him 20 minutes ago. Please stop, you’re breaking my heart! My sister and I can’t find Krystal and Flower so, now Possum’s on his own, and by the sound of it, he doesn’t like it. Hang on little cat! ♥

I want to grow my hair long and lush, and gorgeous. I hope I won’t mess it up out of boredom. And keep it black. Lets see if I can cope with that for many months, shall we? That would be a challenge. Alright, where in Europe shall I go next year? I have to visit at least a place, my time is running out. I only managed Italy this year, where I could’ve visited more than one place. I must drop by Kent next year, there’s nothing to worry about I supposed – I survived my sole travel back to Brunei and in fact I enjoyed it. So how could travelling to Kent or other places within the UK be any more frightening? May I have a year off university and yet have my allowances running every month? That would be fantastic, however so ungrateful.

Although I am the first person to scream pain. Now it looks like everyone has at least an injury to suffer from today’s training, well I hope they get well soon, because I’ll be back by next week, and I prefer not to be the last BNS girl standing. I wasn’t at court today, due to thigh muscles sprains from a sharp dodge yesterday. So I have to be off court for a few days for the damages to recover. And limit movements and pressure to my legs. Although the break today was nice, but it won’t be long before I crave for netball. Hope the pain would go away very soon – Insyallah. Oh hey Possum’s probably sound asleep, or somebody’s found and caged the other two kittens (:

And one day I’d like to travel around the world, with only a map in hand, free to roam this planet wherever I wish, with no time constraint. And of course, with plenty of money. And perhaps, a soul to share it with. That’s pretty much what happened in London last June, we had too much time, so we roamed the city, and it was amazing. No rush, no worries, just blisters and happiness.

Good night, folks! Assalamualaikum (:


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