j’adore wonders

Assalamualaikum! I wanted to say something, but now I don’t mm (:

I somehow cannot wait to get back to Newcastle but at the same time I do not want the time to go by so that I could stay here with my family much longer. I guess that excitement to know how my life would turn out to be next year can wait- while I indulge myself in the now ♥

Sometimes I don’t get it how girls could become obsessive or hysterical over guys they don’t know. A simple crush is understandable. Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to fancy a stranger. I don’t get it, but I won’t judge it. Because I simply can’t find a reason to judge something that I don’t really understand? I am not sure if this is a problem or simply a subject, that I only happen to be interested in guys who know me. And vice versa. Really it isn’t under my control, so I guess I was born with it. Which puts me in a situation where, strangers are out of the question, unless they work their way through and up the ladder. Perseverance? Is sexy.

Well anyway, that explains how shit my love life is. Mmm okay, no lah. I meant, perhaps, that is why I am rarely in a relationship, one after the other. Because it does not come easy. And that is definitely not shit at all (:

I may wonder how it feels like to love random strangers for their looks, or whatever it is. And to wonder how can somebody fall in love with different people at least once in two months? But I am damn glad I am not like that, because then I’d be vulnerable to the assholes of the world. There are more than enough people to make mistakes for me to learn from.

Ah! A few days ago I saw an egg shell, it was turquoise in colour, so I assume it was an American Robin’s egg shell. So pretty! I have to go pray now. And then help my mom buat cucur kurma, oh my I am so excited! Assalamualaikum (:


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