First of all, there’s a dead cockroach in my drawer. Assalamualaikum (:

This is what happened: I was lying on my bed, minding my own business, and then at the corner of my eye I saw something black moving. And hello, the cockroach was wandering about at the side of my head, as if it owned the bed. I honestly would rather have a rat than a cockroach right next to my face. So I flew off the bed, and accidentally caught the insect with my foot and the next thing I knew, it was on the floor. And I remembered I felt it in between my toes. Ran and grabbed a can of Ridsect and sprayed the squirming little pest at point blank range. And left it to die. Now I see that it has managed to choose a very lovely spot to die. I’ll have to vacuum the creature tomorrow, there’s no way I’m going to pick it up nor let it rot in my drawer.

Things I have to do, preferably, tomorrow (:

  1. Withdraw duit
  2. Drop off baju for adjustments
  3. Write a list things I’m taking back to UK – which I might as well do it after this

Maybe that’s all for now, for now on this date. Ah right, birthdays. It was Amal’s birthday a few days ago, and Jannah’s 20th birthday is in about 24 hours time. So what about birthdays do I want to tap about? I don’t celebrate my birthday. For the past 5-6 years it has become insignificant to me. Not as important as other days, it’s just a label tagged on a 30th January of every year’s calendar. At some point people remind me of my own birthday. I don’t expect anything, or maybe I forgot to expect something. Because everyday is as celebrated as every time I wake up happy on my bed, thrilled to know how the day will uncover itself before my eyes. Honestly I am just happy everyday, making the best of life. If that is the case, everyday would be a happy birthday for me.

But how would I spend the day? With the people I love, and the people I feel loved and happy with. The special people? The hugs and laughters? That would be an absolutely perfect day. Just simply, a day full of love and joy – what more do I want? I am not really into things, and I’d rather choose anything with sentimental worth, so I guess that’s my problem. Haha!

Despite all that I do celebrate people’s birthdays, get all excited, with imaginations running wild. Sometimes, people demand and expect something more, to the point that the situation becomes ugly, and ungratefulness starts to show – especially at difficult times where nothing is affordable, damn I’ve been there, it turned me off. Well children are exceptions – I was a child too once upon a time, and my birthday was a very special day.

Well I guess I have 365 special days, and that one certain day, is just one of those special days. For all I know 20 years ago, on that very special day I breathed life for the first time and was blessed with a pair of lovely parents ♥

And that I am most thankful for. I am blessed enough, to find them alive for every year, and every day of my life. Alhamdulillah. So I guess I’ll head off to bed now? Or perhaps the TV room and hang around with mama? Assalamualaikum (:


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