Bukan inda ngalih, boi..

Selamat pagi, early-birds! I am quite surprised myself, to find my self blogging on a Friday morning. Assalamualaikum! As I have promised, quite a long time ago, here’s some pictures from Rome last month. I may probably have said this a million times, it was amazing. I’ll start off with a picture from London’s Buckingham Palace Gate from our very fun London tour (:

It was amazing, we had nothing to worry about, but the coldness of the wind or the blisters under our feet. If we got lost, we’d find a map, or ask for directions. So much freedom, it soothes me, personally. We were freelancers, wouldn’t it be nice if we do that more often?

We took a break at The Victoria Monument depan Buckingham Palace to enjoy the view and the sun. This is Mun with our bags, pretty much our everything. Haha!

There are hundreds of shots of the whole trip on my Facebook account, an album for each day. So if this, miraculously, catches your interest, then you know what to do. Because sadly I am going to just jump around, and not post up too many pictures.

I’m sure everyone knows what that is. The Colosseum? One great historic place. On the first day we took Rome by an open roof tour bus. Rome is just such a beautiful place, you do not want to miss this place. And we got off at a few places. And dude, masa atu I was the chubbiest ever of all time.

The streets of Italy where office and apartments buildings are quite built close to each other, and they look exactly like those in the movies. Well of course, I just needed to point that out?

I remembered our second day started off quite sleepily? And with some matters I wasn’t happy with, like how time schedules andn how plans were communicated. The exact time we were expected to depart, whens, whats and wheres? Because I honestly do not like rushing at all, and I’d like to know everything I’m involved in. So anyway, we missed our train to Pisa that morning. But we managed to catch the next one. I could say it was an interesting day, with a couple of incidents, one was with a street beggar stealing Jian’s coffee, and the other a pregnant pickpocket caught with her hand in Zatee’s purse. But Alhamdulillah we survived the day without anyone dozing off unhappily.

It isn't as tall as I thought it would be, surprisingly. But it was undoubtedly beautiful. I wonder how such a lean could be so famous? What a wonder this tower is (:

It was drizzling at Pisa that day, its an hour+ away from Rome by the way. That’s pretty much what happened on day two – Jian and I fell asleep around 7 or 8 after shower, quite instantly. Haha! We went to the Colosseum and the Vatican City + the Vatican Museum on the third day. Damn, it is one HUGE museum. A very hot day at the Colosseum – but to be there? I simply felt lucky to be there to even think of complaining about the heat (which was nothing) well, except for the speed the others demand the tour to be, it would be really nice if we could spend more time di sana.

Okay Google Chrome just died on me, and I’ve probably typed so many chunks of text. If it was a human I’d probably scream vulgarity in its face. Right I’m just tired, and this happening to me? Is just insane. So ANYWAY later on that day, we went to the Vatican Museum – there were so many paintings all over the walls and ceilings, mosaics on the floors, so many statues everywhere, so much awe. The Vatican Museum is one of the largest museum in the world, and the largest museum by piece. I can’t be sure how long did we take to finally exit the museum, but I was sure each one of us were exhausted to bits.

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512 - that's a very famous painting of Michelangelo by the way. We weren't allowed to take pictures in here, but somehow I managed. And hence the crap angle (:

Sayang though, we could’ve walked a little slower, and take time to enjoy each piece of art, take some time reading the caption of each statue or painting, the stories behind it, and having the works of Raphael, Michelangelo and Bernini around? I could at least stare. But really, dude? We were super tired and drained to the bones, don’t even try to argue with me. And all we were looking forward to were benches or anything we could sit on.

... at the end of the day I managed to get tan-lines on my feet. And a month later, those lines are still visible as I type this. Haha! The weather was just nice, to be honest. I loved it (:

Masa balik I swear I could feel my flesh giving away under my bones. It was not funny at all. My feet felt so flat as I walked. It ached to walk, even barefoot – it simply pained to walk or stand on a surface, believe me. It was a relief to finally get off the ground MasyAllah it was such a pleasure. And no I am not exaggerating at all. Sigh (:

The cheese was delicious! This is what we had for our breakfast every morning for 4 days in Rome. We had croissants with very nyaman cheese, a biscuit-like something and tubs of jams, fruit juice and coffee. Nyaman! It was awesome (:

As sakai as I may sound right now about orange trees. We don’t grow orange trees at the sides of the road with the sole purpose of decoration in Brunei kan? And I don’t see orange trees very often (at the sides of the road?) and perhaps that was my first time looking at a row of orange trees. There were orange trees at the sides of the roads in Rome – well at least I thought they were oranges. No one said they were or weren’t orange trees. But for all I know they looked like oranges, and it made me ubberly jolly to see a certain tree for a moment. Orange trees (:

Our last day in Rome was supposed to be ‘whatever we wish to do’ which I was rather happy about, finally to be able to roam around Rome at my own pace, but then the others wanted to visit the Spanish Steps and so, after almost no consideration I decided to tag along, not wanting to miss anything – I have read so many things about Rome before and whatnot, but I really had no idea what Spanish Steps is, nor its significance. And hence I was not very much excited about it. Well for whatever reason I joined, it was for the sake of not wanting to miss it out. And it took us quite sometime to find. And we none of us had any idea how it looks like.

And finally we found the Spanish Steps somewhere near Fontana Di Trevi - well I've Googled it, but I still don't get these steps?

One solid fact, we probably spent a lot on bottles of water and cones of ice cream. A bottle of water or a few scoops of ice cream, each was ridiculously priced. And knowing that these items’re sold cheaper at places away from tourist areas – was quite, funny. But I can’t be bothered, I don’t think anyone cared. It was hot, and everything seemed to be at its standard discriminated price.

We left the hotel that morning, and since then aku inda tidur sampai we reached Newcastle, whereby I guess the whole process involved, one whole day in Rome with a few hours at Termini Coach station and then a few more hours at Ciampino Airport, a couple of hours in the plane back to London Stansted, an hour trip to Victoria Coach Station, becoming a refugee at Victoria Coach Station for many cold hours, lupaku berapa jam, maybe 9 hours? Okay I forgot, completely. And then 7 hours journey back to Newcastle by coach. And then I managed to upload most pictures on Facebook before surrendering myself to sleep (:

It's a shame that all the 6 of us seemed to only get along well on the very last day in Rome - at the airport while waiting? Where most of us somehow got hyper and all funny, and apparently the vibe got us together like a laughing machine. It was definitely nice to know those 3 girls from Kent and Hull from this trip (:

Definitely, one day I’d like to visit the place again. Perhaps the next visit would be more less chaotic with the time, next time would be a santai one. Hehe! Insyallah. Well I think I’ll post up some more on a page. Alright! I’m not tired reminiscing and tapping in memories, but having to stare at a bright screen is something else. Assalamualaikum


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