Little Elf

I told you so. I can’t believe I’m wiping somebody else’s mess off my own face, and the problem is, this mess is unlikely to fade away real soon. Be it with a hard scrub or a gentle wipe. It’s not going to go away. With my hands held up, this is not my dirt. Apparently, my mama and papa taught me good, not to play dirty. Win your own game, don’t let others play it for you.

I am not really going to say any more, tired of repeating the same sad story. This drama will leak, you cannot expect people to keep their mouths shut. So to those who failed to see the wrong of his actions and to those who agreed with his filthy ideas, prior to what happened yesterday. Err I guess I’m just going to laugh in your faces. I am so so sorry, wasn’t I right? But I am sure some of you have realised and learned that it could’ve been done and managed better by one of us rather than some outsider who cared less about the name we carry. For now, lets just go through this shame and embarrassment together as if it was our fault rather than that ignorant little elf’s (:

But its alright, we didn’t get through for the right reason, we lost for what’s right. Alhamdulillah. Next time, we’ll know better than to let a stranger take control of our team. We all know BNS is way better than that. Assalamualaikum ♥


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