and I come in peace

Assalamualaikum! Hello beautiful creatures (:

I was just recently invited to my father’s family blog, where I thought I sound like an alien, because everyone else sounds like a newspaper reporter. I may sound like a ray of sunshine seeping through some cracks. Mm okay what? Comparing myself with the other articles, I thought I sound like Okay! magazine rather than Reuters reporting from faraway land. It may feel awkward at first, but it should be okay. I may be capable of writing like them, but I guess I choose not to. Hehe! Two of my very special friends from Newcastle got engaged yesterday. Alhamdulillah (:

Dear Hifnet and Aidah,

I pray for the best of everything for the two of you. You are both special to me in different and many ways. I still think that I was the happiest person on the planet yesterday. Sadly I was not able to attend the ceremony yesterday. But no one can beat my joy. Haha! Atu confident. Aku doakan kamu cepat-cepat nikah. I love kamu dua to the very core. I may just be a somebody who utters lame things and laugh at lame jokes to you, but both of you have made an impact in my life one way or another, you’re very significant to me. If I hadn’t met any of you or known you over my 9 months stay in Newcastle I would’ve gone home lacking many things. Because knowing you guys, I’ve gained something and it has changed the way I see things today. It’s a blessing. Alhamdulillah. Surprisingly, most of the things that I thank God for, every single day, are for the things and the realizations that I’ve gained from Aidah’s usrah. Absolutely priceless. Okay, pokoknya aku happy and thankful for both of you. Hehe! I love you both. Congratulations! (:

With love, Anakonda ♥

Okay anyway. I’ve been having troubles sleeping, and yesterday? Just when I thought I have insomnia, my sleep was surprisingly awesome last night. Because I was up dari pagi and the rest of the day. So now I am back to thinking that all those tossing and turnings, and my insomniac stunts in bed, are due to my very inverted sleeping pattern. That forcing myself to sleep at night, would just be another futile attempt, unless I start getting up early in the morning. Facebook and internet? Oh the utmost catalyst of my nocturnal nature. I have netball at six later on, can’t wait for some sweating (:



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