I Seek for More

Shish! Google Chrome’s acting up on me. I don’t really feel like doing anything without it right now. It has made other Internet browsers inferior and I don’t even want to whine about it. Alhamdulillah. It could’ve been worse. I am still online now, am I not? Looks like I should turn to books now, or start worrying about my UK list of things. Assalamualaikum (:

You know, its been a while since I last heard surahs and prayers being recited from the nearby mosque. Ramadhan, gives me peace. I am more excited about Ramadhan than Syawal which I honestly don’t really know how to react to it, especially when people start to make a fuss over what to serve, brag about the clothes they will wear, etc. Mm I don’t know? And I think people feel sorry for me missing most of my Hari Raya more than I actually care. Its been 10 or 8 years since I felt the excitement. I was a child, of course I fancied candy, pretty ribbons and fireworks. Haha! I’ve grown up to think that there’s more to it than just pretty clothes and forgiveness masa 1st Syawal atu.  Aku suka takbir though, and the family (:

Kan tetidur ku eh. And I’m afraid that this Facebook game I’ve been playing, has turned into an addiction. Assalamualaikum. I may now shut this machine off, and indulge myself in a book (:


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