Twinkle, twinkle little star

I’ve not slept since last night? Assalamualaikum, world.

I borrowed my brother’s skipping rope last night, and did probably a hundred, or a little less. My legs are firm, from all the running and jumping, netball and all. Looks like I won’t be in touch with netball for two months (or a month I hope) starting from today onwards? Lets see how am I going to cope with being a couch potato.

I think I can only sleep on my own bed, on my own. And no other. As insomniac as I’ve mostly been, my recent discovery shows that squeezing myself on a mattress with my mother and sister would simply give me a sleepless night. Which will only worsen my already-crappy sleeping pattern. Do you understand? I need my sleep right now, I could go insane or my head would probably float and vanish.

This is what I hold on to everyday, from surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286 which says Allah will not test you beyond your limits, and He will not burden anyone with anything more than he or she can handle, except with something within its capacity. MasyAllah. Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya. I love this ayat, it keeps me going through life’s hurdles, frustrations and disappointments. And all those discontentments become non-existent, because when you believe, you believe everything can be done, insyAllah and you’ll find yourself at peace. Alhamdulillah (:

I think I better go and sleep now, pukul 8 pagi sudah. Assalamualaikum, dan SELAMAT BERPUASA! With love ♥


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