Snoop Cat

I should have formatted my memory card a long time ago. Did it last night out of boredom and sheer desire, in 1 minute tops? How priceless is that. Seriously, was I lazy or simply too depressed to do that simple task before this? Hehe! Probably both. Alhamdulillah, for giving me the will. Haven’t been taking my baby out for some shots in a while.

We’ve found a new comer, and we call him Snoopy simply, because he snoops? Inda lah. At first we called him Mookie and some other names, and finally settled on Snoopy and only after that, it occured to us that he snoops. Can’t be sure if he’s just going to snoop around, or be around just for a few days or be a part of our lives for a while longer. I guess that depends on Bobby or Peanut or even, Bush if this snoopy feline can stay or otherwise. I’m not going to care as long as Peanut and the kids are happy. Although, it’d be great having more cats!

Mm sempat kah aku tidur ni? I have to leave by or before 8 later this morning. Don’t even know what time it is right now, my laptop’s still following UK time. Eh there’s such thing called the Madonna shorts? Cali. I don’t think I’ll sleep. Anyway, good morning, pretty faces! Assalamualaikum (:


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