Just the 5 of us

Assalamualaikum Tuesday morning (:

No, my Google Chrome is still down, it will be until I re-install my anti-virus program. Which I think, I will get it done back in UK nanti. Why? I am not sure why. But please leave me alone. Canon was surprisingly everywhere last night and at 12 midnight just now, purring. And my sister said Canon was nagging at 2 in the morning as well. I guess Canon has forgotten that she hates cats, or quite simply she thought she’s too human to care anymore. Seriously, we all think Canon thinks she’s a human. She doesn’t like cats. She’s rarely at home since Peanut gave birth to the three muskateers, and she hisses at any cat that comes close to her. Well except for Bobby lah. Cookie’s been around too. Alhamdulillah!

I need to empty my inbox, really. Its quite frustrating to receive messages but realising I need to delete some messages first before I can actually receive and read them for real. After deleting, then I’ll have to wait some more for the message to get through. I was going through my inbox just now, surprisingly I can’t even remember some of those messages were ever exchanged between me and a certain somebody. Were we in some kind of relationship or something? Mm it doesn’t matter, does it (:

I am still annoyed with this Google Chrome thing. Anyway I have been busying myself with the BNS blog which I’ve just been given the authority to update. Yay? Okay. There will be 15 newcomers to Newcastle next academic year, and probably only 3 or 2 will be going to Newcastle University and the rest to Northumbria University – and only 2 of the newcomers will be female. I just hope that they do play netball (:

I had a dream last night, I was playing with my brother, he was 4 or 5 years old at the time. And I was my age. Rather strange, but that wasn’t the case. I wish I could turn back time and replay those days in reality, and undo some things 7-8 years ago, be a better sister. We were really close when we were little. I miss him now. I knew, that I missed him in my dream too. I think I knew it was just a dream, because somewhat I knew I will be leaving him once I open my eyes. I hugged him so hard, and cried, because I’ve missed him so much – that was the exact scene, just before I woke up as if I knew it was the end. Alhamdulillah. And I woke up still crying and my breathing was hard and difficult, stayed in bed for a few seconds more while I tried to soothe my self. My god, I still remember his baby face from my dream staring up at me, so clear. I miss you, little brother. I love you, and I hope you know that. We rarely talk anymore ):

I miss my family. I miss my ibu and my brother. Only if I could have my childhood days back. Where we were all so close. Quite simply because our commitment was each other. Playgrounds and love. Not so much Internet taking up precious time which could’ve been spent with the family. Not too many friends that demand our presence. Just the 5 of us. Time flies so fast.

Assalamualaikum with love (:


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