Our Space to Abuse

I am currently reading: Investing For Dummies. Believe me, that is the next most interesting book I have not read in this house. I found it last night, on the shelf in between dictionaries. Didn’t know we own one. I thought I was the only odd one out, interested in Wall Street terms and investment systems. We do have some Reader’s Digests which I have not read (well because I wasn’t here for 9 months) though. I just have to read something. Anything. I could actually rot not reading anything.

I feel like baking, or cook something. But the fact that I can’t taste food, makes it difficult. I want to play netball, watch a good movie, indulge myself in a good novel. Go shopping, which I’d rather do in Newcastle. Ah speaking of that – NUFC won against Aston Villa with 6-0 last night. Very nice, babe! Very nice, indeed (:

My baby finally bonded with my three musketeers, recently. Although I got a few scratches here and there on my lens hood during the process, I enjoyed shooting them. What funny little creatures they are. Alhamdulillah, lens hood saja, not my lens. Hehe! I’m posting up my favorite shots of them ♥

This is Krystal - we believe she is an Albino Siamese. She squints under the sun, she avoids direct sunlight, and she's funny too (:

I am still reading facts about albinism in cats from the Internet though. Anyway, I am really going to miss them when I go back nanti, I am going to miss watching them grow up. I have missed half of Cookie’s and Peanut’s growing up days, and I wasn’t there in the early days of these three fellows. I still find it a little strange adjusting to how Cookie and Peanut are now, looking at them now all grown up, and less playful, its just different from how they were when I left 9-10 months ago. Canon? A furry lump. Haha!

This is my little Possum, the smallest of the three. He's not really small or thin, the other two are simply fat. Hence, he looks smaller?

Mama is talking to Krystal and Flower downstairs at this very moment, hehe! My cats, oh they bring me so much joy. You know, what I don’t get? Lovers fighting on Facebook walls, or updating statuses with disses and putting up embarrassing comments about their other halves’ flaws.

So strange. People can see you know. Well, maybe they want people to know? That I can’t be sure. But, whaaat? The least I would want to do right now, is to judge. But this is my blog, and I think it is ridiculous. Maybe its okay to put up hints, or tiny little things to let it out a bit, soothe yourself and hint – but publicizing your feud by writing on each other’s walls? On Facebook? Oh my, where’s the love?

Well of course, I don’t really care, its just my point of view of this phenomenon. At the end of the day, you have your rights to vandalize what you own (:

This is Flower, really manja and naughty, like the rest as well. She was trying to snatch at my camera. But this time inda sampai. I had to be quick, cos they could suddenly jump and cling onto my gear. Haha!

I have so much to say actually. What would you do, if your girlfriend treats you badly? Like, she trashes you, walks all over you, looks down on you and even, threatens you? And jokes about leaving you, because she likes it when you beg her to stay? If I were you, I would leave. There’s somebody I know, who’s girlfriend’s pretty much like the above. And I asked, why are you still with her? And he said, because they’ve been together for x-number of months, and if he breaks her off, those x-number of months would be wasted — Come on, lets gag together in amazement. I remembered my mind went numb when I first heard him. I actually gagged for a few seconds. But yeah, its interesting to know, how people think and how they weigh things up.

I gave my advice though; respect and value yourself. Don’t let others treat you like trash. Those “wasted” time? Would you rather waste some more time pampering somebody who doesn’t appreciate you? Ever thought of the time you are about to (waste?!) sacrifice? You might meet someone better tomorrow, or anytime (:

I forgot which one of them is this, could be Possum or Flower. I can't distinguish them from each other in some photos. Aku rasa Flower kali? (:

Alhamdulillah, my Google Chrome works! I have not slept since sungkai last night, it is 8 in the morning now. I guess I will turn in after Zohor later on, or whenever. I do (sometimes) get enough sleep, the matter in concern is, when exactly do I sleep? Unpredictable. Haha! I am not going to make a big deal out of it. I’m on a break, remember? It’s not like I have lectures. So, these days are mine to abuse. Mmm (:

But it still does irritate me most of the time. I want to sleep. Okay, to sum up; everything is just unpredictable. Assalamualaikum! Good morning, loves (:

I’m going to like you until I hate you

Oh, my head loves creating random lines, although meaningless to me, but I love it! I should start quoting myself — mmm what do you think? Hehe! Alhamdulillah, a happy Monday morning (:


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