Seriously? Is September really going to give me shock waves? Seriously, people? I have never, ever dubbed anyone pathetic ever in my life, purely because I have never met anyone who is genuinely pathetic. Until I truly found one, last night. Seriously? So out of the ordinary, in a ridiculous and interesting kind of way. Quite frankly, this phenomenon is new to me. Seriously? Unbelievable. So pathetic. Indo jaie bagalap, because you know it when people joke around, and this? The extent of this drama is just extremely pitiful, that it is undeniably pathetic.

I wanted to do my laundry tadi, but there’s somebody else’s laundry in the machine. I need to vacuum my room today, and start packing up my things. I hope next year’s Euro trip is going to happen. I don’t put my hopes up, because sometimes, a bunch of people do have big dreams, they keep these dreams rolling in their heads, but they forgot to act up on it. Or simply, they think its too big to achieve. Then I guess I will have to find another bunch of people that associate themselves with reality (:

Of course I speak for myself before I speak for others, there are some things I want, and some things I really want. I will achieve for both of those things. Sometimes I like the idea of something, but that does not mean I really want it, does it? You may like the idea of a trip. But do you really want it? Are you willing to try your best to fulfill that? There you go.

Hey, its a humid morning. There’s fog on my window! The sky looks pretty, masyAllah what a wonder this world is. Eh I really can’t think of a good place to sungkai, so annoying. Honestly, if it was me all alone I would eat my chicken streaks and gravy di Jollibee saja, and I’d be happy. Yes, my indecisiveness does annoy me sometimes. Hehe! Assalamualaikum, world (:


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