Thirteen Days

Assalamualaikum, pretty faces. Ola!

I just had an hour-long talk on the phone with Amal Nabillah Affandy a few minutes ago. Certify me a happier person than I was an hour ago! Alhamdulillah, for blessing me with such amazing people around me. There are indeed a few friends that stick by me, through all these years. I needed to talk, and I had my talk. I love you, babe (:

There are people you know so well. Some of them change, its okay. But some change could be shocking sometimes, some change affects you, and sometimes it upsets you. When this happens to me, all I need is, to talk to somebody about it. Well, yeah I talked to Amal about it. Because aku jadi clueless berabis. Sometimes ambiguity is a need. Hence I need it now? Haha! Well, yeah I was pretty disappointed with someone I love and care about, that I can’t even tell her that I am displeased with her actions. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I guess I’m just going to let her get away with it this time ♥

Ah, this was taken in 2009 last year. And today? To thirteen years of secrets and gossips (:

I got Lauri’s and Victor’s Malay-English dictionaries that I promised them when I get back. Oh Victor said Malay sounds cool, it sounds African. Haha! Whaaat? Anyway, next on the list is, to drop by the Guardian – sometime next week, or this weekend? Get some stuff and then I can finally rest in peace, and be left with packing. And finally, fly.

I am left with thirteen days! Mm, am I sad or happy? I am not quite sure, rather neutral I guess. I am excited, well yes, happy. But of course, that does not mean I am happy to leave my family. I’m just thrilled about life (:

I feel alive there in Newcastle somehow. Here? Not so much. Alhamdulillah, of course. Everything is just the same here. Its too safe and predictable, nothing changes. Every morning I wake up to almost nothing. Glad to find myself still breathing. I look forward to Scrabbles, updates on Facebook or sungkai and my cats. In Newcastle there’s always more, the city, the people, there’s always something new. Of course I am grateful to be here. I am just, happier there. The thrill is just there. Well, this place is my comfort zone, my safe place. But for now, I would like to explore life, out of my comfort zone. The excitement of something unusual.

For now. Selamat malam. Assalamualaikum! (:


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