Peanut Love

How’s packing been? Sad and tragically unproductive. I haven’t started packing, but I did vacuum my room today, and picked out notes I thought would be helpful for my second year, or whatever it is. You know what’s crazy? None of those notes ada any refrences, or even footnotes on them. So if I was to refer to any of these notes, how am I going to use these materials without committing plagiarism? I would suggest teachers to reference their notes. Really, because I was first exposed to referencing when I got to university last year. In college? Not at all.

I really don’t like packing. I need to stay put dulu di rumah before I can start packing properly, cos there are a few clothes that I plan to take home with me. I need to stay at home, so I would stop wearing them, and get them ready for packing. You dig?

Dude, that hair is gorgeous and lush. A healthy mane. I have successfully de-frizzed my hair, by persistent application of Mark Hill de-frizz serum? Okay, as a Marketing student I know I’ve just advertised a Mark Hill product for free. My hair makes me happy. Alhamdulillah, for that (:

I think I am going to squeeze in with mama and sleep with her after this post. I haven’t slept since kemarin. I’ve jinxed my 2-weeks-long excellent sleeping pattern. And now it’s back to shit. Haha! Well I don’t really believe that I actually jinxed it, messed it up when I found Scrabbles on Facebook and stuffs on tv. How tragic is that.

This stuff actually works, according to the many positive and clear reviews on a trusted website. And its a Lee Stafford – it should be good. InsyAllah. I am definitely going to get one of these tubs when I get back nanti. Well of course I will definitely say something if it doesn’t work. Haha! (:

You know what’s interesting? Burlesque. Its very classy, and I just love it. Anyway, jaie mangkol kuloh, dari tendi tiru jaie kan mangkol ituh. Sigh. Oh right! I am left with exactly 7 days before flying off with the family. I love my family, such an amazing blessing. Alhamdulillah ♥

This doa ibu gave me, is a very wonderful doa untuk memohon akhlak yang baik. Ya Allah, sepertimana Engkau mencantikkan kejadianku, maka perbaikilah pula akhlakku. Amin! Okay I shall mangkol now, hehe! Assalamualaikum and many love (:


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