Dead and lines.

Chaotic. Enough said. Just the way I live my life. Happy in the midst of this chaos. And hey, its hailing outside. What d’you know? (:

My head has come to its saturation point, where reading this very same article over and over again is starting to become a huge mass of words. Just, simply, words. I can’t even make out what it says, and what it means and what it wants. I’ve been diving into these paragraphs since Monday noon. And its 4 o’clock the next day. Hello Tuesday!

Mojo’s one happy hamster. I let him explore the living room, twice yesterday. And I broke the bottle-brush a while ago while trying to scrap hardened soy milk at the bottom of a glass bottle. And I can’t even get the brush out. I will need to get a new one. I need my sleep. Right, before that I will need to check what time does my first lecture start. Am I funny or just, plain insane?

mm I broke the bottle brush, and can’t even get it out (‘;

I really don’t feel like attending my lectures with my throat itching and coughing every now and then. One, because I don’t like being a distraction during lecture. Two, the same like the first. And finally, I don’t want to disrupt the lecture with my coughing – well, isn’t that just pretty much the same thing? Sigh. I hope I get well soon. InsyAllah, very soon. I need to get this polish off my nail. Anyway, about lecture tomorrow – I will see. I hate missing lectures. I guess I will attend, provided that I have my VapoRub and my flask of hot coffee. And a bag of Hacks (probably has passed its expiry date) – and remember to wear my bubble, winter jacket. I better be wind-proof tomorrow. I have a feeling the wind is going to be as crazy as it is now. I could hear the wind and hail on my window.

Mojo slept in his food bowl just now. He’s so funny. I need to pack for lecture tomorrow. OH SNAP! Aku baru ingat, that I have to drop a book at the Robinson library tomorrow. That building is just too far away ):


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