And hence I don’t wanna be sane.

Hey man,

A quick press about life? Oh who are you kidding me? Would it be insane if I said I’m taking a break from men now? Yesterday- I imagined myself, living in a glass bowl, with men plus the usual people around me. And I’d like to climb to the top, and get out of that bowl. Stand there, outside and hearing nothing. Who said, being in a relationship may be ideal for me right now, so people would stop bothering me. Screw that. I am strong enough to stand my ground. Hold my hand up to their faces. I have friends who listen and keep my senses within reach.

Give me your heart, make it real. Or else forget about it.

So, a relationship? Excuse me. Can’t be bothered, especially with how men have been portraying themselves before my eyes. I’ve had enough of men this year, last year – possibly any other year? But I would say, last year and this year have been a roller coaster ride. And hey, they are almost, ALMOST the same. Sure it is such a funny¬†coincidence, but damn I’m tired of laughing. But I never said I didn’t like the ride, nor otherwise. Its been —- interesting? I guess.

For once I’d like to lower my guards, feel this life. And not feel damn guarded and paranoid of falling and being caught by one of these men I thought I knew so damn well.


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