Are you serious?

Oh my god! You should see what some people type to look for my blog. Or, whatever it is that they’re looking for? I can see, you know! HAHAHA! Damn. This is so weird! Okay, whatever makes you happy. I’m just a bit freaked out I guess.

My god, guys. Are you serious? Really…?


Anyway, it snowed today for the first time in three weeks? I was just wondering about it last night, like how strange it is this year — January without snow? Sekali nah, ada tia pulang. And so, yeah. I haven’t been doing much revision for the past few days. I better get to it as soon as possible. To be honest I am not happy with my revision right now, this year ):

Okay, goodbye (:


2 thoughts on “Are you serious?

  1. HAHAHAHAH cali jua! confirm orang newcastle tu eh..

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