Hey little bird

Good morning, early birds!

I have to admit, some people here, need to work on their mind and heart. Reflection. Yeah. People are becoming uglier on the inside, and horrible, the things they say, the things they do – like a blazing fire that just licks onto other things, and have the fire spreading around like a disease. Not that I am in a mess or anything like it – Alhamdulillah! Cos I sure, don’t want to be in any shit these people are creating. But I am an observer. The drama, the gossip, and the hate that goes around – the things and from the people around me, themselves. These all, make me think. Shocking! – there, that’s the word. It surprises me, how horrible people can be. They claim to be pious, they pray 5 times a day, they read the Qur’an – but damn they are as evil as the devil. Reflect. Listen to the words that spill through your mouth.

I am not saying that I am better than the others, nor am I any more perfect. But, its just scary, how ugly people can turn to when hate invades them. Here I am, sitting down, somewhere outside a glass bowl, watching all the drama and gossip that swirl around inside it, sweeping the inner surface of the glass – feeling blessed, that I am not anywhere near them. Even better, inside it.

Atiqah Ismail, Brunei

Emotion. Its yours. Your face, is yours. Go ahead, and write it on your face.

Oh yeah! Buruk rasaku, my friends dropped by selamam, but then I was tired and I felt introverted. Okay, does it make any sense? Introverted? I opened the door, and went into my room. Sat on my bed, and didn’t know what to do. Instead I talked some more on the phone. But I transformed and became awkward. Go ahead, and ask me “what was all that about?” — AKU PUN INDA TAU. Sigh! Bising jua si Mojo ani, he’s chewing on his cage. Oh, kemarin I let him loose in the living room, and left his cage opened while Kiki, Joel and I discussed about the NEG and etc. At one point, he actually climbed back into his cage, have a drink, and went back out. Haha! How awesome is ma’ hamstaa?

Okay, what’s next? Lancaster’s goods characteristics theory states that a consumer’s preference for one bundle of goods over another bundle of goods depends on the “characteristics” of the two bundles. How’d you like that, homeboys?


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