Get Lucky

I need to get back to studying, there are quite a number of exam questions that I yet have to answer to make my day. So I hope typing this potentially lengthy post won’t exhaust my eyes.

So, when guys just want to get lucky – And when it shows, and you know it. Oh let me correct that, I meant, when Bruneian guys just want to get lucky. And when they try to hide it, but it shows – motherfuckers, you seriously think  I don’t know? Or maybe, you simply think I would want you too? — I probably won’t twitch if these guys were Westerners as its well-understood that there’s this term called “societal differences” — Hehe! But to get that from Bruneian guys is just abnormal, on my part – most probably due to the lack of ‘direct’ exposure to these type of Bruneian dudes.

From “The Crap We Put up with Getting on and off an Airplane”

HAHAHAH! My dear! So true! This is my least favourite thing I went through last summer, if it wasn't for the passion for travelling or home - I wouldn't want to torture myself through this shit - SIGH! (: (:

I am open to just about everything, and I’m the least judgmental about anything at all. I definitely have my own thoughts about all the corruptions in the society and the world as a whole, and yaaa~ my values and personal beliefs may or may not change as I grow. People do not have and hold on to the same beliefs, values and views; and I definitely don’t mind blending in with these people, but its disappointing that a lot of these “premarital sex culture” have soaked up into them that they start to generalize it to everyone else, with the belief that ALL OTHER BRUNEIANS (+me) find casual sex or premarital sex normal in our daily lives. So on my part, as a person with a lot of indirect exposures, but with lack of experience with direct exposures – I find it strange; and especially disgusted when they try to get on to you ++++ they are from your circle of friends (HAHA?) man – it is uncomfortable. Because Brunei is (or was? Or I thought it was…?) different.

Okay. Maybe its just the way I was raised, or the groups of people I socialize with before I was ‘directly’ exposed to this – or the guys that I have dated were really decent guys. Well Alhamdulillah to that, mm that’s why I went out with them in the first place…? Haha! Obviously. Well, probably its the combination of everything. Manusia khayal dunia, sudah lupa agama. Maybe ingat, tapi inda takut tuhan – there ya’ go. I am a damn hypocrite when I say that, and I know where I stand. I have my sins, my weaknesses and I make mistakes too. I’m a sinner. But I know this little faith that I have, still guides me on what’s right and wrong. And it gives me fear. And these boys think that they could get onto me – But naaa. Doesn’t work like that with me. I am not judging these people, they are good people, really. I am just telling my story, of how I’m like.

If you like me, kisses won’t make me like you back. It will take more than that. Definitely, nothing like that.

Cintai-nya kerana agama-nya. Thank you, ma. You raised me well. And because its my choice, its what I choose to be. Its what I choose to believe.


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