I feel disappointed. I would like to say I am frustrated, but I am not sure to what extent do those two words differ from each other, but frustrated sounds a little bit more tragic, so I’ll stick to being disappointed. At what? I don’t know. Exam’s been fine so far. Something deep down in me, maybe the people around me, and how I have been. I know I grew to dislike what I’ve become last year that has made some dramatic changes to me, but you know – things change, things fluctuate, life is fluid. I change.

Sometimes when you don’t like what you’ve become, you change to where you were or to something way better. It is easy to make a u-turn and go back and improve, when you’re away from all the shit that brought you down in the first place. But it isn’t so; when you’re back where it all started. When you have changed, but what about the people? Have they changed? Do they care that you’ve changed? So, that’s the point where it screws you. And this is when I find solace in isolation, and this is where I find peace when I’m alone on my own. And I feel so damn right. Mmm (:


People say, a picture says a thousand words. Can a smile say a thousand lies?

There’s a point when I am constantly fighting with myself. It sounds strange, but really. Your heart don’t really work with your mind, and when both don’t really work with your life values. It screws you. I guess, this is growing up, learning, the get-go. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I am fine. I just feel so damn low, and disappointed with some people, who don’t really get it – despite the three languages I’ve conveyed my messages in. How can you not get it?

I am fine, really. Some people disappoint you, and sometimes you disappoint yourselves too. The sun is shining on a Monday morning, its been a while. Winter, please go away soon (:


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