Guilty Pleasure

I don’t know why men’s been grossing me out, recently. Literally. They scare the shit out of me, in a “dude, don’t sit too close” kind of way. And even I thought I liked all the attention, and flirtatious gestures. But nowadays? Not really. I would shift and I would move away, and I would feel rather disturbed (?) if they start to get too close. And its making me question my sexuality. Hah! Yeah, out of all people, its damn ridiculous and funny that I had to be the first or the one to question this. Well yes, I still do like all the attention, but when they start making their moves — I freak out. I don’t know.

I have been spending a lot of money this month, bought two pairs of Kurt Geigers and AdiPure for my brother, and a bunch of clothes all bought at different days and times of this month. And, none worn. Shopping could be therapeutic especially with my very recent examinations. Shopping helped, well, only for a while. Haha! And hey, I have not even worn my Hush Puppies boots – I could be ridiculous sometimes, that it disappoints me. I bought a cape, and I’ve not worn it, even when I have said to myself that I would not buy anymore coats, winter jackets or anything like it — Because I can’t even take them home to Brunei and wear them there, can I? So why would I spend more on those + I have probably 4-5 coats and jackets I have not worn out? I am going to have to sell it on eBay one day.

I’ve started playing CityVille on Facebook – its going to screw up my life. I am going to make sure I don’t get addicted to it. And, second semester starts next week, my time table looks ridiculously insane. I am not going like this. At all. Well, lets see about that (:


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