I can’t breathe through my nose, it’s horrible! ):

I feel sleepy, but I have not completed my directed reading for the seminar tomorrow, which is again, horrible! Its a miracle that my first lecture starts at 12 tomorrow. It would normally start at 10 though – which again, would make Mondays horrible. But my Tuesdays will always be the most dreaded day of the academic year. I don’t understand how they had come up with the idea of scheduling 6 hours of lectures straight-on with only an hour break. But damn, it was traumatic last week. I was in shock! Not over the fact that it was a continuous 6 hours long, but I was rather shocked at the fact that I couldn’t take anymore shit by the 4th lecture of the day, my head was throbbing from all the continuous flow of information into my head, and I wasn’t able to digest anything anymore from information overload from 2 hours of statistics, which I thought I have already died during the first hour of it, with my lecturer talking pretty damn fast, like a machine gun. And I was definitely 100% shocked and traumatized from all the throbbing at the back of my head, and a mini mental block, and the brief disconnection between my mental state and physical abilities; in a sense that when my mind wanted me to write, my hands did not respond completely. How is that healthy?


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