It keeps me away

I’ve just finished reading 13 pages of HRM and at page 12 earlier on, mama called (:

I have been great. I feel good. Though the hectic uni-life is still rolling. I really don’t really give a shit how anti-social I have become. Honestly. And when I think about it I am good this way. I would not call that anti-social, right? And I am not complaining or even whining about how I have not been present at any late night lepak and all. Simply because I have no desire to. If I really want to, I would ditch my work and all – and I know better than to let it get away with my life and happiness. But hey, this makes me happy, so I’ma stick with it. And being away from everything keeps me away from all the gossips, negativity and drama that goes around. It keeps me from being too damn updated about gossips and rumours. Which, I don’t really want to get involved with. Astaghfirullahalazim.

And this way – I stay out of trouble. I stay clean. My mouth remain shut. Well yeah I do use my piled-up work to cover up my guilt. Because, I do feel guilty for not spending time with my friends. They are my friends after all, of course I feel guilty. And yes, my work is piled up. But I have no problem with it, at all, yet? Not complaining, just yet. Although sometimes, I do. Hehe!

Things have gotten out of hand this year. The negativity, the hate, the bad-mouthing, the back-stabbing. Well I guess that’s the key factor to why I’d rather do my work than linger around with these things, you see? I am not saying names, and I am not going to say anything. Because I don’t know and I don’t want to know, but every time I come around, there’s something bad that somebody has to say about a certain person. So, I am pretty sure most of the time when I am not around, the same things happen. What benefit does that give me? How valuable is that information to me? Haha! Exactly!

I am usually neutral, and when negativity is in the air, I have nothing to say.


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