& We’re all Human

I am usually neutral, people say this and do that. Fine.

But abuse, is not fine. Abusing your maid is not cool. It does not make you any more superior than your maid is. Physical abuse or emotional and verbal abuse – whatever kind of abuse it is, at the end of the day, they are ALL abuse.

I cannot tolerate that, it pisses me off. I grew up with maids, and so does most of the people around me. So I know what I am talking about.

Your maid, is no less of a human, and you are not more of a human than your maid is.

Just because you pay them, provide them with shelter, have them clean your shit, mop your floor, wipe your ass, and they basically work for you – don’t mean you are any superior than they are. Just because they are less educated than you are, doesn’t mean they are stupid. They raise and feed your child for you, and do all those nasty stuff – And yet you scream and swear at them calling them lazy and stupid? Who’s getting paid to do all of your lazy shit whilst you are too busy watching TV or working?

Just because they leave a finger print on a glass or failed to iron your underwear in a minute time doesn’t give you the rights to scream at them, calling them lazy and stupid, especially when you make them do loads of work late into the night. You are as human as I am, and they are as human as everyone else. We all get tired. AND! They are working longer hours than the hours you spend at your office every single day. Beat that!

The only dispute that has happened between my mom and our maids, was my mom getting pissed at them for refusing to stop doing their chores whilst not having had their dinner or meal yet or working late into the night?

You don’t need to humiliate your maid publicly. That does not make you any cooler.

I am not saying all of you Bruneians or most Bruneians are like that. Not at all. But I am pretty sure, almost everyone who grew up in Brunei has somebody they know to relate this to. Or maybe not, but I doubt that.


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