The Hulk

I don’t want to fight anymore. And therefore I will leave you all alone. So my anger could leave me all alone. I am so tired of getting pissed at myself for losing my patience. I am so tired of feeling guilty for losing my patience with you. I am feeling so damn tired of all of this nonsense crap we’ve been going through. Seriously. Aren’t you tired? We’re so ridiculous. My god – I swear! I feel like a turn off for being the Hulk man. All of our outrageous nonsense crap has turned me into the complete opposite of who I am. I don’t like getting mad. I don’t like to fight. I don’t like impatience. I don’t like nonsense crap that pisses me off. I don’t get pissed off that easily. Or maybe at least, I used to be so damn patient because I am so damn good in keeping craps a good distance away from my face. Now I have crap in my face. All the time.

Damn, what the hell happened? I can’t believe this could be both amusing and frustrating at the same time. Drama. I’ve always been the neutral one, and this boy, has turned me into fire. Hah! You can’t disagree with that. Peace for me, peace for you, for my hamster, and for the whole wide world.

Thank you very much.


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