The King is coming to visit us in London next month. The cool man of Brunei – most people are coming down to London just to get the free money. I don’t know why but I find it really sad. I completely have a different reason for coming down to London. He makes sure the whole country is well-fed. He makes sure all the country’s ungrateful brats have the money to pay for their Benz and porches. He makes sure we all have a great life. He makes sure we are all highly-educated. He makes sure we are all in fantastic health. And, make sure we are ALL happy. Seriously.

And some of you are still cranky about little things, blaming insufficient allowances for being unable to buy an iPad 2 and all. My god. And still you are coming to London just for the sole purpose of money. Well, yeah, banar pulang ada sikit niat kan pasal usin. Tapi kan, aku rasa, sejujurnya (damn, atu ah, standard Malay ku atu. Haha!) aku mau liat saja ia. Seriously speaking, aku sayang wah Sultan ani. Really. This man is kind. And ya’ll are still clawing for more money. Ihhhh, membariwatir. For once, cubatah niat suci kan beterima kasih, even mau duit atu. Ani the one and only niat most of kamu just for the money, and nothing else. I am not generalizing but, yeah.  If HM didn’t care, he wouldn’t want to even see your faces at the Hilton Hotel- he could’ve just decided to attend the royal wedding. But that’s just weird, he always drops by to see us all here. He loves us all, and what do you have to offer our King huh?

Tsk. No offense.


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