I don’t need to understand why am I so easily amused, even by myself. Its good for the heart. But I still do wonder if people have some funny in them too, that they amuse themselves. I found some really nice themes before I decide to apply this one. It looked like my childhood preference, but I wouldn’t want to use it now –Because it looks a bit funny to me. I got really really sick and tired of my old template, couldn’t bear to even look at it. Mojo dragged a fork from one end of my room to the other a few days ago. Such a weird little critter. I am still unsure if he was seeking for attention, or simply just… dragging a fork? Yeah, the fork was on my floor, because its in a bowl – on my floor.

Its such a weird day, not that horrible. But my god, what’re the odds of me finding flakes on my head on a Sunday morning? I got very irritated by this extremely annoying phenomenon and rushed to shower, and massaged the hell out of my scalp. I am now starting to believe that I tend to have some ridiculous reaction or skin shedding or something whenever there is some sort of drastic climate or temperature change. I suffocated in my own country for God’s sake. What am I – a reptile…?

My camcorder came a few days ago. I am still not sure if I like it. The video quality doesn’t excite me. But I yet have to see it when I watch it on my laptop before I could send it back. While my Acer on the other hand, is definitely a small piece of turd. I will not recommend purchasing that machine to anyone in the world. Or maybe I am just so used to my very speedy big ass laptop. I don’t know. But it shouldn’t be slow at all. But I am not using it because its small. Not the slow bit. Yet..

Bah, okay.


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