Flying Saucer

People amuse me sometimes. And sometimes I feel sorry for them, even if I don’t want to. They want to be someone else so bad, some one they have not become. They try to be calm. Put up their cool when their weakness emerges as others begin to wander too close to the proximity of their weaknesses and flaws. They get scared. They establish this defensive wall. They throw excuses, they point at somebody else’s inferiority, to cover themselves. Defensive remarks. Make themselves look better.  Hey, that’s okay. You can fool yourself, and you can try to fool me. But I as hell can pretend, but sometimes my eyes just cries pity. You don’t have to be so strong, so defensive. Break your shell. It’s me. Do I give a flying fuck? Nope.

You don’t have to be cool. Chill. People are cool that way.


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