Epic Fail

So I didn’t sleep after sahur, with the intention to make some brownies this morning. And its frustrating when you don’t have rising flour in the kitchen. I need to get my parcel at the post office on Wednesday – thought it could be done everyday, but apparently the post office is only opened on certain days and certain hours of the day. How inconvenient.

The post office needs to get a delivery truck, so ya’ll can stop limiting your deliveries to just letters. So you can start delivering my package to my doorsteps. Thank you very much. Its crazy how things work here. Its annoying sometimes.

Somebody needs to knock some manners into those maids next door. Really, they’re noisy and they laugh like a bunch of retarded hyenas early in the morning, waking people up. Until late in the afternoon when people just wants to enjoy their afternoon relaxation – But only to hear them talk so loud with the radio full blast. Somebody is definitely going to go over there one day, and have them departed from their employment. My mom is already starting to explode. She’s been too nice to even bother talking to them. Its not going to last.

So ignorant.


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