Please Don’t Shoot the Pony

Its such an exhausting day. My god. I don’t think I’ll be doing some reading tonight.

This is what I did last week. I just had to excite myself with something new to feel – If that makes any sense? It doesn’t.

The piercing process was the most insane compared to my other piercing experience, which involved nothing like feeling nauseous and a darkened vision and short of breath. Yeah, so my previous experiences were probably nothing compared to this. It was interesting.

Its about time I start writing here again, because it is about time I stop checking my Facebook too regularly. Its screwing me up.

There is no way I am going to re-post a picture of 5 (or was it 4?) abused kittens on Facebook which said “REBLOG THIS PICTURE TO SHOW YOU’RE AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE!” — I am against animal abuse, but circulating does not do anything, how does that make a difference when all you do is just sit in front of your laptop and clicking share to my wall to show your support. I’m sorry I just don’t function like that. The story did piss me off, and it still does infuriate me. Get the hell up and do something charitable if you want to show your support.

Okay I know I shouldn’t be mad at the re-posters. I guess I am just mad at some segment of the human race? It disgusts me how people can just abuse animals like that, and it makes me angry how inhumane people can be. Who the hell raised these people? Did you father shoot your pet pony and have you mother serve it for supper when you were a kid?


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